Is It Okay For Cats To Watch Bird Videos

Is It Okay For Cats To Watch Bird Videos? Yes Or No?

Cats need to see things, so giving them things to look at is important. Cats like to look around by turning and tilting their heads as they take in their surroundings. When your cat finds an interesting video on the TV or mobile phone, your cat will get into it. One of the things that cats love to watch are birds. However, is it okay for cats to watch bird videos? Yes or no?

Is it okay for cats to watch bird videos? Yes! It is okay for your pet cat to watch bird videos. Cats are visual creatures and they respond to visual stimuli as part of their hunting behavior. It will be beneficial for your pet cat to watch bird videos. Bird videos will surely entertain your pet cat. 

Let’s dig deeper around this topic and take a look to see if it is bad for cats to watch bird videos or not. I will explain more broadly why it is okay for your pet cat to watch bird videos. Let’s go!

Is It Bad For Cats To Watch Bird Videos?

It’s fine for cats to watch videos of birds or other animals they hunt. Cats are visual animals, and part of how they hunt is by responding to what they see. 

Even if you think your cat isn’t paying attention, letting them watch videos of birds made for cats is good for them. Videos of birds, mice, fish, and other things that cats eat can keep them entertained and help them learn new things.

Vets and other experts on animals say there’s nothing wrong with showing a cat some videos made just for them.

And if you’re wondering, the cat’s fixation on the TV won’t hurt her eyesight, no matter how close she sits to the TV.

The only risk of doing this is that your cat might get angry at having to watch a video of its prey while it tries to attack it through the screen.

Your cat could get hurt and your TV screen could get broken.

Why Do Cats Love Watching Bird Videos?

A cat can see very well and feels every movement very well.

Because of this, it’s easy for them to be interested in the colors and movements on a screen.

Even though cats don’t see as much color on TV as humans do, they still like to watch moving things that catch their eye.

Your TV’s refresh rate is too slow for your cats to be able to see the picture like a person.

We need about 24 frames per minute for smooth motion, but your cat would need 100.

But studies show that your cat can easily see the patterns, shapes, and textures of prey animals on the screen.

Cats are a type of feline that has a strong instinct to hunt.

So, they might be easily drawn to digital pictures, especially if they look like mice, birds, or other animals they hunt in the wild.

The more your cat wants to hunt, the more likely it is that they will enjoy watching cat videos. This is because the fast movements on the screen will catch their attention.

Is It Bad For Cats To Watch Videos?

It’s fine to let your cat watch videos. Cats have good eyesight that won’t be hurt by spending a lot of time in front of a screen, no matter how close the cat is to the screen.

But cats’ eyes have about three times as many light receptors as humans’, so you should turn down the brightness of the screen so they don’t get retina burn.

But when they are watching a TV on the wall, they might try to jump on it and knock it off or fall awkwardly and hurt themselves, even though we all know that cats always land on their feet.

Also, you shouldn’t only show your cat videos as a way to keep its eyes busy.

If the cat tries to catch the prey on the TV screen, this will only make it mad. So, make sure they also get a lot of visual stimulation and enrichment.

How Do You Know If Your Cat Loves The Video They Are Watching?

Look at your cat’s body language to tell if they are enjoying the video or if it is making them nervous.

Most of the time, a cat watching a video will have its eyes wide open and its pupils small.

Their whiskers and ears will be facing forward, and their head will closely follow the action as they watch it intently.

On the other hand, the cat might not like the video if its pupils are big and its ears are flattened toward its head.

In this case, you should change the channel or video and make sure they can get away from the TV.

Is TV Bad For Cats?

The good news is that your cat might not always be hurt by TV. Some experts think that a TV could be enough to keep a bored or lonely cat busy if it was set to the right kind of shows.

If your cat watches TV while doing other things, but occasionally stops to look at the screen, that’s probably a good sign. That means that the TV is another thing that keeps your cat interested, but they have plenty of other things to do.

Your cat may also sit down and pay attention to TV. If they do this, you should pay attention to the shows they like to watch. If your cat seems worried or bored when you’re not around, you might be able to use this programming to keep their mind busy.

If your cat gets too interested in the TV, you might want to try to teach it to stay away. Try not to let your cat get too close to the TV. Like with people, being too close to them could hurt their eyes or ears over time.

If your cat likes to jump or pounce at the TV, you can teach it not to by using a spray bottle or redirecting it to a toy or other positive stimulus. That’s because a cat that jumps on the TV can damage it, and if your cat isn’t careful, it could also hurt itself if it hits the TV too hard.

In everything your pet does, moderation is the key. If your cat is interested in the TV, let them show it. You can even leave the TV on when you go out so they have something to do. But even your cat should spend some time away from the TV.

Can Cats Understand What They Are Watching?

There’s a good chance that your cat can hear what’s on your TV. What isn’t clear is if the audio sounds natural to them or at what volume levels they feel most at ease.

Cats might also be a little confused by the sounds coming from your TV, since their ears are made to help them find their prey. But, just like with frame rate, it’s likely that newer TVs with better sound systems are more convincing.

Any way you look at it, a cat that is interested in the TV is probably also interested in the sounds it makes.

Wrapping Up

In general, it might seem strange to turn on the TV and play videos for your cat, but the cat will love it.

Videos can give cats the visual stimulation they need and are great for cats who like to stay inside or for a rainy day.

Don’t let your cat watch too much, though.

You should also give them toys to play with and a bed near a window so they can see the world.